Isabella Daniels Holstin Induction - March 2006

It  was at Tennessee State where Holston firmly positioned herself in the quest of the Olympic Gold.  She won several national and international awards including the Bronze Medal in the 400-meter relay at the Olympics in Melbourne, Australia.
     Holston also won award at the 1955 Pan American Games in Mexico City, and at the 1958 Goodwill Tour through Moscow, Russia; Budapest, Hungary, Warsaw, Poland and Athens, Greece.  
     In 1982-83, Holston was named Coach of the year by the Georgia Athletic Coach's Association.  In 1983, 1984, and 1990, the National Athletic Coaches Association named her Region III's Coach of the year.  And in 1990, she was awarded the National Coach of the Year by the National High School Athletic Coach's Association.
     For her own athletic talents, Isbelle Holston was inducted into the Tennessee State University Hall of Fame.  In 1987, she was inducted into the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame.
     In 1992, she was honored as the All-State Role-Model.  Her story of determination and excellence, was televised as an inspirational and informative documentary during the half-time segment of the Georgia High School all-star basketball game.  Holston was also recognized that year as a member of the Coaches Care Honor Roll by the Gatorade Company.
     She is married to Reverend Sidney R. Holston and mother four children: Sidney T., Frederick A., Inessa F., and Kezia O.